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The best british travel writing of the 21st century

A celebration of outstanding travel storytelling in UK media 

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We're celebrating the best travel stories published in uk media in the last 20 years

Travel has changed. But our desire to experience the world, whether it be in person or through the stories of others, has only got stronger. 


The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century is a collection of 30 outstanding travel stories published in UK magazines, newspapers and online publications between the years 2000 and 2021. From trailing snow leopards in Ladakh to boarding a night train in Iraq, this first-of-its-kind anthology is a celebration of travel and its ability to educate, inspire and build a better understanding between people and cultures.

The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century will be published in March 2022 by Summersdale and is kindly supported by battleface and the British Guild of Travel Writers.  

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